Birthday Shout Terms of Service

All Birthday Shout greeting video's are the property of birthday shout and permission is granted for limited use by Birthday Shout to paid individual users of the birthday shout video system.  The video greeting portion that is edited into the Birthday Shout greeting video's, which contain the users words (audio) and images (video), is the property of the individual user but does denote ownership over the video as a whole, that belongs to Birthday Shout.  The user is granted a license for use at time of purchase.  This license can be revoked if: 1. Video is edited in a way that is deemed inappropriate by birthday shout. 2. We encourage sharing and word of mouth advertising to others for our greeting video services.  Sharing or posting to a personal website, facebook, instagram, youtube, or any other social media yet to exist is granted, but it is not acceptable to market video as property of someone or some entity other than birthday shout. Editing audio and video images for re-sale by anyone other than birthday shout can not be done without the express written permission from birthday shout.   

Birthday Shout will not be held responsible for any use of the greeting video, which violates the company or business policy which an individual user works for. 

Privacy Policy

Birthday Greeting Videos that are hosted on our Birthday Shout Facebook page can be removed at the request of the paid user of the greeting video who has a use license.  The link associated with deleted post will no longer work in this event and birthday shout will not be held responsible for this.   

By recording and transmitting your personal greeting video over facebook messenger you are accepting that your voice (audio) and face (video) will be edited together with the chosen birthday shout greeting you have chosen and posted to Birthday Shout Facebook page.