Kylie's Horse Therapy Fund!

Our daughter, Kylie, has benefited so much from therapy.  Traditional physical, occupational and speech therapies have had a deep impact on her development and her abiltiy to overcome many of the challenges she faces.  These more typical therapies are often covered by insurance.  There are, although, therapies that don't fall into the traditional/typical category and because of this insurance companies often don't cover them. One such therapy is Hippo Therapy (see video below) where physical, occupational or speech therapists work with a child while riding a horse and doing horse related tasks. We are so thankful for those individuals who gave to cover the cost of it for Kylie. She loves it and has benefited greatly because of their generosity.

Because of this, we want to pay it forward and provide scholarships for other kids like Kylie.  Kylie's Horse Therapy Fund does just that and gives you an opportunity to join us in this mission. We have partnered with the non-profit Hippo Therapy provider Forward Stride where Kylie has received her therapy. They have a wonderful facility just oustside of the Beaverton, OR area with a barn/riding arena full of horses.  Equine movement is a powerful treatment tool and Forward Stride is dedicated to providing therapy that is activity based in order to enhance quality of life.  Click this link if you are interested in giving to help kids like Kylie be able to experience this! Be sure to choose "In Honor of" and type in "The Kylie Horse Therapy Fund".