It is well know that the number of facebook friends who see your personal & business posts are only a fraction of the total facebook friends you have.  The friends who engage with your posts are more likely to see future posts from you. When a friend or stranger engages with your Birthday Shout video/posts with a click, like, comment, or share,  it will ACTIVATE your future regular daily or weekly posts and put them into their news feeds.  This will give you exposure to a much larger portion of your facebook friends, which is good for business. 

Some facebook friendships can grow stagnant. Birthday Shout gives you an "in" to RECONNECT with those facebook friends you have not communicated with in years, potentially giving you an opportunity to work with them.





Connecting in a creative and visual way on your facebook friend's special day softens them towards you and makes it easier to build trust in a business RELATIONSHIP.

Those facebook friends who are clients and those who are not clients are more likely to REFER you to others (not your facebook friends), who saw the Birthday Shout video.  You will also find that people who don't know you will like & comment on Birthday Shout videos/posts for their friends, who are also your friends.  

Your best next client is a past client, but not if they left you for the competition.  Birthday Shout is a very personal, fun & unique way of communicating with each client on facebook directly on their special day and it helps you keep & RETAIN more of your clients.



Your close facebook friends know what you do for a living, but all your other friends on facebook may not.  They may be looking for a business person who does what you do, but they have no idea you do it.  Birthday Shout gets you RECOGNIZED for what you do for a living.  This opens up opportunities for future business together. 


Traditional cards, birthday texts, etc are a Dead End, but BIRTHDAY

SHOUT continues to work for you long after the Birthday!