Bio for Michael and Jennifer Corbus

Michael and Jennifer Corbus live just outside of Portland, OR with their three children (see below).  They have been renting out a portion of their home since 2005 and in 2015 switched to a shorter-term bunk bed BNB model, creating a sustainable passive income source.  In BUNK IS BANK, Michael and Jennifer will show you how life's challenges required them to get creative and take risks so they could be home with their family.  This led them to an incredible passive income source.  Michael and Jennifer's desire is to help regular people just like them set up a short term BNB rental in an area of their existing home.   They want to help families and individuals earn passive income so they also can organize their lives around what matters most to them.

Michael and Jennifer have three children:  Ezekiel, Levi, and Kylie. Kylie experiences significant disability and requires 24 hour care. Her beautiful life was the catalyst for Michael and Jennifer's successful efforts to earn income from home. It has allowed them to help each other with the high level of care required for their daughter and also to be present and available for their typical children, Ezekiel and Levi. Sometimes typical children can feel neglected because of the significant amount of time and effort required from their parents for their special needs sibling. Michael and Jennifer's BNB short term rental has freed up time to care for and nurture their whole family which was their most important priority.